Best practices for booking a nanny

Here are some best practices to help you find Nannies for your babysitting appointments. 

  1. Our In-home Babysitting service is perfect for families who only need occasional childcare and who are comfortable working with a variety of nannies as opposed to a single, regular nanny.
  2. Our platform will let you set up a Nanny appointment with at least 4 hours’ notice, but we encourage you to set up your appointment(s) with as much notice as possible to increase your chances of finding a nanny.
  3. Most nannies are comfortable committing to appointments up to one month in advance. Very few Nannies will commit to appointments too far in advance.
  4. It’s easier to find Nannies for long daytime appointments (for example 7 AM to 3 PM, 8 AM to 4 PM, 9 AM to 5 PM) and evening appointments that begin after 6 PM or later. It’s a lot harder to find Nannies for appointments that start in the middle of the day (for example between 11 AM and 4 PM or so).
  5. Be open to having different nannies. Asking to have the same nanny for multiple dates will greatly reduce your chances of finding childcare for your appointments.
  6. We encourage you to be precise and set up appointments for the exact dates and times you need. It's not helpful to say that you're "flexible".
  7. If you think you'll need time to give the Nanny instructions at the beginning of your babysitting appointment and/or that you'll need time to debrief with them at the end of your appointment, please add that time to your appointment. We typically recommend adding an extra 15 minutes at the beginning and end of each appointment for this purpose.
  8. If you’re unsure of the date, time, duration, or location of your nanny appointment, hold off on setting it up until you’re sure.
  9. At this time, our platform does not allow you to make any changes to an appointment’s location, date or time. 
  10. To change the date, start time, duration or location of your nanny appointment, you will need to first cancel the original appointment, then set up a new appointment with the new information, and start the Nanny search again.
  11. Our Nanny service is designed to provide you with a nanny by appointment and you can book as little or as much as you need. However, we cannot guarantee nanny availability nor that you’ll have the same nanny each time.

If your preference is to have the same nanny for all your childcare appointments, we invite you to consider our Nanny Placement service by visiting our sister website,

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