Making Changes to Your Appointments

You cannot edit an existing appointment’s time, duration, or location, nor book a different nanny for an appointment that has already been confirmed.

We are unable to arrange time changes to your appointments on your behalf.

To make any changes, you’ll need to cancel the original appointment, set up a new appointment, and start the nanny search again.

If you cancel an appointment that has already been confirmed with LESS than 24 hours' notice prior to its start time, you will incur a cancellation fee equivalent to 4 hours of the Nanny’s time.

For this reason, we encourage you to set up your babysitting appointment once you are certain of the location, start time and duration.

Alternatively, for smaller changes such as shortening or extending an appointment's duration, since you'll be able to contact the Nanny within 3 hours before the start of the appointment, you can ask them at that time if they can accommodate a small time change. However, please note that there is no guarantee that a Nanny will be able to accommodate last-minute changes.

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