What happens after I make a Babysitting appointment?

If you've posted your appointment to the general nanny pool, nannies will be able to view and request your appointment.  When a nanny requests your babysitting appointment, they're letting you know they're available to babysit on the date, time and location you need.

When a Nanny requests your appointment (and you get that exciting email notification letting you know!) it’s important that you confirm or decline the nanny as soon as possible.*

(*You will also receive a text notification any time a nanny requests your appointment within 24 hours before its start time.)

You can view their profile with their qualifications and bio to decide if they’re a good fit for your family. From there, you have 2 choices: you can either confirm the Nanny or decline them.

ONCE YOU CONFIRM A NANNY FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT(S), they will receive an email confirmation that will include your home address (as it appears in your profile, the names and ages of your children, and any allergies/special needs information you included in your profile.

If you've requested a specific nanny or nannies for your appointment, they will either accept and confirm your appointment if they're available and you'll receive an email confirmation for the appointment right away, OR they'll decline your request if they're unavailable and you'll receive an email notification letting you know this.

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