How to Confirm Nannies For Your Appointments

Ok. So you’ve submitted a nanny appointment or multiple appointments. What’s next? With our new booking platform, families have total control over who they book.

This means that now you select, book and confirm nannies for your appointments according to your family’s needs and preferences.

Depending on how you set up your appointment, here’s how you book and confirm nannies:

  1. If you requested a favourite Nanny, you’ll need to wait for their response. They’ll either accept your appointment request if they’re available or decline it if they’re not.
  2. If a Nanny you requested accepts your appointment, you will receive an email confirmation. Your appointment is now considered confirmed. Hooray! You can relax and enjoy your plans.
  3. If a Nanny you requested declines your appointment, you will receive an email notification letting you know this. You can then choose to post it to the general nanny pool or cancel the appointment.
  4. If a nanny you requested does not reply promptly, you have the option of sharing your appointment to the general nanny pool or request other nannies specifically.
    • To do this, click on the appointment. Then click Edit and then click POST TO JOB BOARD. You can also click REQUEST NANNIES to request other Nannies from our pre-screened pool.
  5. When a Nanny requests an appointment you’ve posted to the general Nanny pool, you’ll receive an email notification right away. You’ll also be able to see this clearly in the Pending Appts section.
    • Click on the appointment’s card to see the details of the Nanny who’s requesting your appointment.
    • From there you can book and confirm the Nanny,
    • Or, if you’re booking with ample notice, you may decide to wait and see if other Nannies request your appointment and then confirm the Nanny of your choice.
    • TIP: If a Nanny is requesting your appointment, we recommend selecting and confirming that Nanny sooner rather than later. Nannies have the option of withdrawing their requests for a specific appointment at any time if they sense that they may not be confirmed for it.

After you place nanny appointments, we recommend that you keep an eye on your dashboard and refresh the screen to see if any nannies have requested, declined or confirmed your appointment.

REMEMBER: You’ll receive an email notification every time a nanny has requested, confirmed or declined an appointment you’ve submitted, so keeping an eye on your emails is key to booking and confirming your nanny appointments quickly and easily.

ONCE A NANNY IS CONFIRMED FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT(S), they will receive an email confirmation that will include your home address (as it appears in your profile), the names and ages of your children, and any allergies/special needs information you included in your profile.

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