What to do when a client asks for a change to their appointment

There are times when a client may ask you to accommodate a change to a babysitting appointment that has already been confirmed.

Changes happen for a variety of reasons: changes in circumstances, human error, etc.

What you need to know is that if a client asks you to accommodate a time change, or any other type of change to the original appointment (location, duration, number of children), it is up to you to decide whether to accommodate it or not.

You can reply via the platform with a simple text message like: "I'm sorry but I am not available to make that time change." Or 'Yes, I am happy to come to your home at 5pm instead of 6pm."

How do clients make changes to appointments?

1. If the change the client requests is small (for example: having a nanny come 30 minutes earlier), they can try contacting the confirmed nanny using the platform (starting at 3 hours before their appointment), but we let them know that there is no guarantee that the nanny will say yes to the change. 

In other words, it's up to each nanny to decide whether they can accommodate a last-minute change, whatever it may be.

2. For bigger appointment changes (for example: a different location, additional children, or time changes of 1 hour or more), we encourage clients to cancel their original appointment and set up a new appointment with the new parameters/changes.

These are the only 2 ways clients can make changes to their appointments.

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