How to Use the "Comment" and "Reply" Section Correctly

In this article, you'll learn how to use the "Comment" and "Reply" sections correctly when requesting, accepting or declining babysitting appointments.

This is an important topic, so please read to the end!

You will see the option to enter a COMMENT when requesting an appointment or set of appointments on the Job Board.

How should you use the COMMENT section?

As you learned in the online Orientation, when requesting a job, the COMMENT section should be used to say things like “I’m experienced with preschoolers, live near you and would be happy to babysit on Friday night; or I take transit and won’t require parking.”

You also will see the option to enter a REPLY when viewing an appointment(s) you’ve been specifically requested for by a client.

How should you use the REPLY section?

You can choose to include a message to the client when you accept or decline a job you’ve been requested for. 

You can accept a job and say things like: “I'd be happy to babysit tomorrow night, I won't need parking, Can't wait to see little Max again, etc.”

Or you can decline a job and say things like: “Sorry, but I’m not available; or I’m not available on Friday, but I’d be happy to babysit next Friday if you request me again.”

The message you enter in the COMMENT or REPLY section will be included in the automated email the client receives when you request their appointment, or when you accept/decline their appointment request.


The COMMENT and REPLY sections allow for one-way communication only. Meaning you can send a message to the client, but the client cannot message you back. Therefore, it's only meant to be used as we’ve described above.

You may see that some clients will place appointments with notes that say things like:

  • Flexible on hours. Let me know what you can offer!
  • I need someone for 3 days next week, let me know which dates work for you.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to ignore these types of messages as you can only be booked for the EXACT dates and times the clients have posted. Clients cannot edit the time, date or location of an appointment they’ve already set up.

If they need a different date, time, duration or location, they’ll need to cancel the original appointment, and set up a new one.

REMEMBER, you should only request or accept appointments that fit your schedule EXACTLY. If you see or are requested for an appointment that you're not EXACTLY available for, you need to DECLINE it.

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