Troubleshooting Client Payments at the end of Appointments

The first step to ensuring that you get paid at the end of every appointment is invoicing the client via the platform. From there the client will be able to pay your invoice by logging into the platform and completing the transaction using their credit card on file.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the client pays your invoice before leaving their home at the end of each appointment.

That being said, if a client ever has trouble with their credit card and is unable to complete the payment of your invoice for any reason (credit card error, failed payment, etc.), know that we will do everything possible to get you paid.

1. Ensure that you have invoiced the client accurately through the platform.

2. If the client is having credit card issues and cannot complete the transaction, encourage them to try another credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express). Our platform does not accept debit cards.

3. If the client is still having trouble paying your invoice, you can leave their home and follow up with us by email so we can in turn follow up with the client to make sure your invoice is paid.

4. Please DO NOT ACCEPT E-TRANSFERS or CASH payments for your fees as it interferes with the way the platform tracks your completed appointments.

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