How to contact the client before or during your appointment

From time to time, you may need to contact the client before arriving at their home on the day of the appointment or while you are at the appointment. For example: To let them know you're en route but running late, or to ask about parking.

You can text or call the client directly from the Nannies on Call platform, without needing to disclose your personal cell phone number.

Please Note: You must use the cell phone number on your profile when using this feature.


1. Log in to the Nannies on Call platform.

2. Click on BOOKINGS at the top right-hand corner.

3. Click on your upcoming babysitting appointment.

4. Find the CALL and TEXT buttons at the bottom of the appointment.

5. You can use the CALL/TEXT feature to contact a client within 3 hours before your scheduled appointment, during the appointment itself, AND up to 12 hours after the scheduled end of the appointment.

6. When you click on TEXT or CALL, our booking system will automatically assign a proxy telephone number for you to use to text or call the client during this time.

REMEMBER: The proxy telephone number is neither your cell phone number nor the client's cell phone. This telephone number will expire 24 hours after the scheduled end of the appointment.

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