Why nannies should only be paid through the platform

The first and most important reason is that this policy protects you as a Nanny.

Yes! Though it may not be obvious to you at first, here's how it works. When you issue an invoice, there is a record of this in our system. Once your client pays you through the platform using Stripe there is also a record of payment.

If there is ever a dispute regarding non-payment or over/underpayment of your fees, we rely on those records to ensure you are paid accurately and on time.

NOTE: It’s your responsibility to get paid at the end of every appointment, but if for some reason a client doesn’t pay your invoice 12 hours after you’ve issued it, our system will automatically charge their credit card on file.

The second reason to always get paid via the Nannies on Call platform is that it will help you track when you worked and how much money you’ve earned. You will need this information at tax time.

Thirdly, our system automatically emails each client an email receipt for your services once they pay you through the platform. Clients will need these receipts at tax time. Clients know that the only way to pay you for your services is through our platform as stated in our Terms & Conditions of Service, which they agree to when they first sign up.

Remember: Choosing to get paid outside of the Nannies on Call platform not only goes against our policies but also creates potential issues for you, the client and us as the service provider.

We are grateful to have wonderful nannies like you as part of the Nannies on Call family and we appreciate the work you do for families.

Happy Nannying! 

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