Why work with Nannies on Call

Have you ever wondered why you should work with Nannies on Call when you can easily find babysitting jobs on your own?

If you haven’t worked with Nannies on Call before the benefits might not be obvious to you. Here are 8 reasons why finding babysitting jobs through Nannies on Call might just land you the best babysitting jobs you've ever had.

It’s free! - Nannies on Call charges the families a membership fee to access our pool of pre-screened nannies. There is no charge for nannies to work with us.

Pre-screened families - If you have ever tried to find a job through an online site you know it's often like finding a needle in a haystack. At Nannies on Call, some of the families are repeat, long-time clients and the agency will have feedback from past nannies who've worked with them. You won’t have to waste your time with families who want to pay minimum wage, pay you under the table or have you do heavy housekeeping, household management, and every other task under the sun. Nannies on Call sets competitive nanny rates and clear expectations about your duties.

Fair wage - Are you tired of babysitting for families only to find out that they're only willing to pay a fraction of your rate?! Discussing wage expectations and advocating for yourself can be tricky, even when you’ve found a family with whom you really connect.  At Nannies on Call, the nanny rates for in-home babysitting start at $21/hr. You’ll be able to earn a higher nanny rate based on your performance and the number of babysitting appointments you complete with our agency. 

Work as much or as little as you like - One of the main benefits of working as a nanny for our in-home babysitting service is the ability to work around your individual schedule. You can work as few or as many babysitting appointments as your schedule allows. You can take a break from babysitting or go on holiday, and then start working again. It's up to you! And you'll always have families who need your services.

Feedback - After every babysitting appointment you complete, we ask you to provide feedback about the family you've worked with. This feedback is extremely valuable to us because it helps us determine if a family is a good fit with our service. Your feedback also helps other nannies like you decide if a family is a good fit for them. As a Nanny, you'll be able to see a family's rating and what other nannies have said about working with the children so you can decide whether you want to take their babysitting appointment or not.

Professional Presentation - Nannies on Call makes sure that your file is complete and professional so that families viewing your profile on our platform get the best first impression of you.

Best Nannies and Families - Nannies on Call has a reputation for having the best nannies and families. We often have high-end clients who don’t trust the internet to find them a professional nanny so they come to us. When you work with Nannies on Call, families are trusting you based on our agency's reputation for finding and placing great nannies. 

Support - Nannies often work alone without any support or co-workers, even when all you need is need somebody to lend an ear or to help get everyone back on the same page should any issues with a family arise. When you work with Nannies on Call, we're always here to help you navigate any issues or questions you may have. The support and expertise of the Nannies on Call Team are invaluable.

Nannies are an integral part of the Nannies on Call team and we hold them in high regard. We go out of our way to treat Nannies with respect and we're grateful and appreciative of nannies who do great work!

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