Overnight Babysitting Appointments

Although we typically tell families that Nannies on Call doesn't offer overnight babysitting services, from time to time you may see overnight babysitting appointments posted on the job board. 

We ask you to proceed with caution and consider what each appointment entails before requesting or confirming it.

Types of overnight babysitting appointments

  • Newborn care - these are overnight appointments where new parents hire a nanny to come care for their newborn baby while they sleep. Nannies will need to be well-rested before the appointment and should expect to be awake and alert during the appointment so they can adequately care for the baby. Even if the parents say you can "nap" while the baby sleeps, technically you are working and in charge, so you have to be alert. For this reason, these types of appointments are not to be taken lightly and are not a good fit for nannies who have day jobs. Families who need a newborn care specialist are typically referred to The Nanny Solution.
  • Overnight appointments for older children - these are overnight appointments where parents may need to be away from the home either because they have a late-night function or event, or because one of the parents is due to give birth and they need care for their children while they're at the hospital. These types of overnight appointments require nannies who are comfortable sleeping in a client's home and ok with staying semi-alert in case any of the children wake up while the parents are away. There may be additional duties like putting the kids to bed, preparing breakfast in the morning and/or dropping them off at school.
  • Multiple-day overnight appointments - these are appointments where the client needs a nanny to "live in their home" for multiple consecutive days to care for their children while they are away from the home, usually travelling for work or for pleasure. You should NEVER request or accept these types of appointments as living in a client's home for multiple consecutive days typically comes with a different set of expectations and responsibilities from regular babysitting appointments. We typically refer these types of requests to the Nanny Solution.

Charging for overnight appointments

You charge your regular rates for overnight appointments. This includes the additional $2/hr after midnight until 6AM, and any overtime if applicable.

See: How much do I charge as an On Call nanny

At the end of the overnight appointment, send your invoice to the client as you usually would.

If someone other than the parents relieves you at the end of the appointment, send your invoice anyway and message the client to let them know you've done so. You can leave their home knowing that even if they don't pay your invoice immediately, the platform will charge their credit card accordingly 24 hours after you've sent your invoice.

If you have any questions about an overnight appointment you see on the job board, please email support@nanniesoncall.com before requesting it.

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