How do I request multi-day appointments?

When families set up Nanny appointments spanning multiple days, they have the option to request one nanny for all appointments, or a variety of nannies for the dates.

What does that look like on the job board?

Let’s say you see an appointment for December 1st at 5PM for 4 hours that you really want to work. When you click on the appointment’s card, you see a series of additional dates listed as well (see photo insert below).

This means that the family has set up a series of multi-day appointments. 

If the family has requested one Nanny for all of the appointments, you won’t be able to “uncheck” any of the other dates and the only option is to request all of the dates listed if you’re available to work all dates and times.

Once you request all of the appointments, the family will then have to confirm you for each individual date. We did this so that they have the option to cancel one or multiple days in a set if their plans change.

What happens if a family is open to having a variety of Nannies for a set of multi-day appointments?

If the family is open to multiple nannies, you’ll be able to click on the card, let’s say for an appointment on December 1st, and you’ll be able to see all the other days listed. But, you’ll be able to “uncheck” the days you're not available for and only request the days you’re available to work. See the example below.

The family will then receive an automated notification letting them know that you’ve requested their appointment and hopefully they’ll confirm it soon after.

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