What do I include in the Instructions section?

There are 2 places where you can include Instructions for nannies:

1. In your PROFILE, you can add Special Instructions that will be visible to every Nanny that is confirmed for your babysitting appointments. 

For example: "Only paid parking is available on our street, so best arrive by transit", or "Please park on the right side of the driveway", etc.

2. When you're submitting a babysitting appointment, you can add Instructions that will be visible to Nannies viewing your appointment on the Nanny job board. These instructions will also be included in the confirmation of the nanny coming to your appointment.

For example: "Nanny will be caring for our youngest child only", or "Both parents will be working from home on this day", or "Our dog will be in puppy daycare on this day"

For your privacy, do not enter any personal information in the Instructions section, such as your cell phone number or address.

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