What if I'm not comfortable having different babysitters each time?

Our In-Home babysitting service is better suited for families who are comfortable working with a variety of Nannies for their babysitting appointments.

Nevertheless, we have some tips to help you minimize the number of Nannies for your appointments

  1. You can use the “Request the same Nanny for all dates” feature to see if a Nanny is available for up to 3 appointments you place together.
  1. If you’re setting up appointments for more than 3 dates at once, we recommend that you do not request to have the same nanny for all appointments. Instead, add a note in the INSTRUCTIONS section to let potential Nannies know that your preference is for one Nanny who is available for all or most of the dates. You’ll be notified when nannies request your appointments and from there you’ll be able to choose the Nanny or Nannies of your choice.

Do you prefer a Regular Nanny?

If your preference is to have the same Nanny for all of your childcare appointments, you’re probably looking for a regular Nanny. We invite you to visit our sister site, The Nanny Solution, to hire a Nanny for a week or longer.

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