Is it possible to have the same nanny for every appointment?

Not really. Our Babysitting service is designed for convenience over nanny consistency. You are welcome to request any of your past/preferred Nannies for your appointments, but we cannot guarantee that they will always be available.

Nannies who work as occasional babysitters are typically working other jobs or completing studies or side projects. Their schedules are not necessarily fixed week to week so they choose to work as occasional Nannies because they need flexible work hours.

For this reason, Nannies on Call Nannies won’t necessarily be able to offer the consistency you may be looking for if your preference is to have the same nanny for all your babysitting appointments.

Additionally, Babysitting Nannies are independent contractors, not employees working under a contract with you.

In our experience, having a Babysitting Nanny coming to work in a home regularly for an extended length of time, may result in having the Canada Revenue Agency deem that nanny to be your employee. CRA may then retroactively decide to charge you for CPP, ET, back taxes, penalties, interest, and potentially take away Child Tax claims.

If your preference is to have the same nanny care for your children on a regular basis, more than 8-10 times a month, we recommend hiring a Nanny via our specialized Nanny Placement service at The Nanny Solution.

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