Do the nannies provide overnight care?

 No, Nannies don't provide overnight childcare, particularly multi-day overnight childcare for periods longer than 24 hours.

If you’re looking for overnight care and support for an infant baby and mom, hiring a Newborn Care Specialist via The Nanny Solution may be the answer.

Why don't Nannies on Call nannies provide multi-day overnight childcare?

Having a nanny in your home for multiple consecutive days typically comes with a different set of expectations and responsibilities from regular babysitting appointments.

1. The nanny would be in charge of not only your children but also your home.

2. The nanny is unfamiliar with you, your children and your home.

3. Nannies on Call nannies are not permitted to drive with children. They are limited to taking the children out on foot, by transit or by pre-arranged Uber/Lyft.

4. With no one present to relieve the nanny at the end of each day, the nanny will charge continuously from the time they arrive until you relieve them. They charge their regular rate for the first 8 hours, 1.5x their rate after the 8th hour, and 2x their rate after the 10th hour. You are potentially looking at thousands of dollars in nanny fees for multi-day overnight babysitting appointments.

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