Can the nanny care for my sick child?

Some Nannies are comfortable caring for children with mild illnesses (e.g. a light cold), while others prefer to not work with sick children altogether. 

Since many Nannies work with a variety of families in a given month, they typically prioritize their own health and the health of the other families they work with.

If you need an occasional nanny to care for your sick child, please state the nature of the illness when you set up your online appointment so the Nanny is fully aware. You can enter this information in the appointment's INSTRUCTIONS section.

See our Health and Safety policies.

What happens if my child is suddenly ill?

There are 4 possible scenarios:

1. If your child is sick, and your babysitting appointment is more than 24 hours away, you can cancel your babysitting appointment immediately and avoid the cancellation fee.

2. If your child has fallen ill suddenly and/or you did not have the opportunity to cancel your nanny appointment with more than 24 hours' notice, you can log into the Nannies on Call platform and cancel it the day of, preferably before your nanny arrives. In this case, the cancellation fee applies and your credit card will automatically be charged for 4 hours of the nanny’s time.

3. If your child has a minor illness and you would like the nanny to care for them regardless, you can use the CALL/TEXT feature in the Nannies on Call platform starting 3 hours before your appointment to contact the nanny and ask if they’d be comfortable caring for your sick child.

4. If the nanny is NOT comfortable caring for your sick child after you’ve contacted them about the illness or when they arrive at your home, then the nanny will need to cancel the appointment on the platform. In this case, no cancellation fee applies.

Should you need to cancel your babysitting appointment, we kindly ask that you cancel your appointment sooner rather than later out of consideration and courtesy to the nanny.

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