How to upgrade your nanny skills

Becoming a Nannies on Call nanny is challenging. We have a long application and onboarding process and we only work with the most professional and educated nannies. 

Just because we have chosen not to work with you at this time doesn't mean you can't reapply in the future.

We are always looking for driven, professional individuals with a passion for working with children. If this is you take a look at the suggestions below and start upgrading your nanny resume so you can reapply to work with us in the future.

Gain experience - Look on Facebook groups, online matching sites or Apply with families who do not require as much experience. Work for them for 6 months to a year or more to gain the experience required.

Have a fully detailed childcare resume - Make sure your resume is up to date and has all of your childcare experience listed including ages of children and employment dates. You can check out our Youtube video on 5 Tips to make you stand out.

Get references - When working with new families be sure you do not leave the position without a written reference letter. The letter should outline how long you worked for them, how many hours you worked each week and how old the children were in your care. Of course, some personal aspects of how much they loved you are always a bonus!

Volunteer - There are lots of places that need help. Volunteer as a sports coach, read to children at school, help at after school programs or just offer your babysitting services for free to gain experience. 

Education- Make sure you are constantly seeking out ways to gain new knowledge. Courses on toilet training, sleep training or Newborn Care Specialist are all popular choices. 

CPR/First Aid - Make sure your CPR/First Aid is always up to date. It is good for 3 years so there is no excuse. When working with children it is important to have the skills to deal with emergencies. 

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