Navigating the Menu

  1. PENDING INVOICE: After each babysitting appointment, you will be invoiced by the Nanny directly within the platform. Here you’ll be able to see a list of the unpaid invoices in your account.
  2. PENDING REVIEWS: Here you’ll be able to submit feedback about a Nanny after every Babysitting appointment. Your feedback is very important and will help us keep only the very best Nannies on our roster. It will also help us address any issues you may encounter.
  3. FIND NANNY: Clicking on this link will take you to the page where you can Post a New Appointment and also Browse the Nanny Pool.
  4. BOOKINGS: This takes you to the page where you can view all of your confirmed Babysitting appointments.
  5. FAVOURITE NANNIES: Here you can view Nannies whose profiles you’ve selected as favourites. You can select a nanny from this section to quickly request them for a babysitting appointment. In this section, you’ll also be able to view Nannies whose profiles you’ve blocked (that is, marked as incompatible.)
  6. MY PROFILE: In this section, you’ll be able to view and edit your personal information.
  7. BOOKING HISTORY: Here you’ll find a list of all your past Babysitting appointments. These include completed appointments, appointments for which there were no nannies available, and cancelled appointments.
  8. MY ACCOUNT: Here is where you will view and edit your payment information. Clicking on the UPDATE OR CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION PAYMENT will take you to your Stripe account within the platform where you can update or cancel your subscription. You can change your Login information here.
  9. CONTACT US: Click here to be redirected to our Contact page on the Nannies on Call website.
  10. LOGOUT: Click here to log out of your account.

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