What do I do if someone asks me to work outside the agency?

Politely Refuse: Confidently inform families that if they want to work with you they need to book you through the Nannies on Call platform.

Highlight the Value: Remind them of the vetting and professional standards Nannies on Call upholds, ensuring quality childcare every time.

Report the Incident: Please let us know when you’re approached to work outside the platform by emailing support@nanniesoncall.com. We're here to support and protect you. 

Remember, working outside of the Nannies on Call platform is not only a breach of our Terms and Conditions of service, but it puts you as a Nanny at risk.

A family that’s willing to cut corners by trying to avoid paying our service fees most likely does not see the value in the service we provide as an agency, and therefore may ultimately not see value in the service you provide as a Nanny.

Our goal is to provide a much-needed service for families who value what we do and who also appreciate the service Nannies provide. 

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