Can I leave notes for the Nanny?

Absolutely! We encourage you to leave written notes or instructions that the Nanny can follow while they are caring for your children.

You can download and print our handy Notes For The Nanny sheet to help you get started.

At the end of the appointment, we also ask Nannies to leave you a written summary of their activities with the children. They'll typically use our Facts For The Family sheet for this purpose. You may want to print it out in advance for the Nanny to fill out.

Additional notes & permissions

If you would like the Nanny to take your children outside for activities, playtime and outings, you’ll have to give them written permission to do so. We have a handy Activities Release form you can download and fill out for that purpose before the Nanny arrives.

If applicable, you may also provide spending cash for the Nanny to use with the children for meals and activities and we have a Petty Cash Form you can print in advance. The Nanny will then be able to track their spending for your reference.

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