How to Mark a Nanny as a Favourite

If you've had a wonderful experience with a nanny on the Nannies on Call platform, it's a good idea to mark them as a favourite so you can easily request them for future babysitting appointments.

To mark a nanny as a favourite:

  1. Log into your account on the Nannies on Call platform.
  2. From the hamburger menu on the top right of the screen, go to your "Booking History".
  3. From there you can view all of your past babysitting appointments and the nannies that were booked for each.
  4. Click on an appointment with the nanny you'd like to mark as a favourite
  5. Scroll down a bit, until you see the nanny's name and then click below where it says, "Add to Favourites".
  6. You're done!

If you go back to the hamburger menu, click on "Favourite Nannies" to see a list of your favourite nannies.

You'll be able to quickly request your favourite nannies the next time you set up a babysitting appointment.

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