Do the Nannies care for children who have special needs?

Yes, many of the nannies on our platform have experience caring for children with a variety of special needs. 

If you have children who have special needs and/or your preference is to have a nanny with specific special needs experience for your babysitting appointments, you will need to include this information in both your family profile and in the Instructions section when setting up appointments.

  1. In the Special Needs section of your family profile, you can include any other information you think is important for a nanny to know about your children's health, medical needs, special needs, etc.
  2. When setting up a Babysitting appointment, you can specify that you prefer a nanny that has specific special needs experience in the "Instructions" box. You can also share any other childcare-related expectations or details you think are relevant. See: What do I include in the Instructions section?

The information you share in your profile and appointments will help potential nannies have a thorough understanding of your family's specific needs and help them decide whether they're a good fit or not.

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